Form 2290 Overview

Form 2290 is the the form used by the IRS to collect heavy vehicle use taxes from those who operate heavy vehicles on public roads. If your vehicle weighs 55,000 pounds or more you must file form 2290 online on an annual basis. The taxes collected from 2290 Form are used to build, repair, and maintain public highways.

By completing form 2290 you will get a copy of your schedule 1 which serves as proof of form 2290 online filing. this is actually required by most trucking companies to prove that you comply with truck tax laws.

If you use our IRS authorized software to file form 2290 online your information will be kept safe and secure. plus, we make it easy to file 2290 in a matter of minutes and you will instantly receive a copy of your schedule 1 via email.

File Form 2290

Information Required To File Form 2290 Online

In order to file form 2290 online, you need to provide your business information, such as your name, address, and EIN (Employer Identification Number). If you don’t have an EIN apply for one with the IRS online because your 2290 form will be rejected without it. You will also need your HVUT tax year and first use month.

For your vehicle(s), you will need to provide the taxable gross weight and VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. You will also need to specify on your Form 2290 if your vehicle was used for any special purposes, such as logging or agricultural use.

How to File Form 2290 Online

  • Create Account

    Create an account

  • Add Employer Details

    Add your business vehicle information

  • Add Employee Details

    Choose your tax year & first used month

  • Enter Wage Amounts

    Select your payment method

  • Pay & Transmit

    Transmit to IRS & Get HVUT stamped schedule 1


Instant Error Check

We help with 2290 online filing by checking your form for any basic errors before it’s transmitted to the IRS.

Auto Generate Form 8849

If you have more credits than the amount of tax you owe on Form 2290 we will automatically generate form 8849.

Free VIN Corrections

If you made a VIN mistake on your 2290 online filing you can easily correct it with free VIN corrections.


Owner Operator


Single Vehicle

Small Fleet


2 to 24 Vehicle

Medium Fleet


25 to 100 Vehicle

Easily File Form 2290 Online With Your Mobile Device

Have the freedom to file your 2290 form at any time from any location with our online filing mobile app.